How to get in the ranking of your country

Do you know the world map at

The most followed persons in Google+ on a map -

The most followed persons in Google+

Here you can find the global Top 100 (or 1,000) people on a map. You can also set a filter for a country and/or a gender and get a specific map:

The most followed US-Ladies in Google+ on a map -

The most followed US-Ladies in Google+

We are asked from time to time, why someone is not on this map or in the rankings of a specific country. That’s quite easy when you know which informations are available for

We can identify your country only if you have set a location as public in your Google+ profile. You can check this with the following steps:

Open your profile in Google+ and click on the button “Edit Profile” (or just click here):

Your Profile at GooglePlusClick on the map or on the label “Places lived“:

Type in the name of the city where you are living or the name of the country. Take care, that you have choosen “Anyone on the web” and click once on the green pin so that it get blue. The blue pin shows your current location:

Click on the button “Save” and then on the button “Done editing“. That’s all.

Afterwards you just have to open your profile at (you can also use directly this link) and reload this page, so that your location is updated at

PS: Thank you Mark for supporting us making the screenshots 😀

How to get in the ranking of your country by

88 thoughts on “How to get in the ranking of your country

  1. Nothing guys! I did everything that you told me to do but it doesn’t work. What it’s weird it’s that my profile marks Madrid, but the google page, nothing!

  2. The G+ Page Profile section has no map to select a location from. Only the personal G+ About page offers a map for selecting location, not the G+ Pages profiles, so there is no way to set the location for a G+ Page.
    Therefore my G+ page shows no location in CircleCount and there is no way to add one

  3. Ah, thank you. I’ve done that now. The CircleCount page shows my location in text at the top left now, though the big image of the world, on the right of the page, still says no location available, which is rather misleading but I guess I’m stuck with that.

  4. Eu sou dono da página +Memes Do Panico, a segunda página de humor mais seguida da Google+ porem não consigo fazer ela aparecer como a segunda mais seguida do brasil já coloquei a localização já fiz tudo mais ela não aparece por nada como faço para ele aparecer?

  5. Hello! I have the same problem – my location is not available in spite of following your instruction. I live in Russia. Could you check my profile, please!

    • Hallo Robert,

      da hat wohl das Skript ein bisschen gehangen. Wir haben es nochmal angeschubst und jetzt scheint auch +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide korrekt zugeordnet zu sein.

      Sehr schöne Bilder übrigens!

      • Ihr seid echt toll und super schnell. Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich hier so umgehend eine Antwort bekomme. Das ist eine absolute Seltenheit im Internet.
        Ich bin auch froh, dass ich offensichtlich nicht einfach zu blöd bin, Anleitungen zu befolgen. ;-))
        Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank – auch für das Lob zu den Bildern! Ja, wir haben schon wirklich gute Fotografen dabei.
        Euer hervorragender Support soll sich auch lohnen und werde ich Euch verstärkt in geteilte Kreise bei allen Seiten aufnehmen.

        Herzliche Grüße
        Robert SKREINER

  6. Liebes CircleCount-Team,

    in den Top10 aus Deutschland kann ich unsere G+-Page “” leider nicht finden. Wahrscheinlich liegt es daran, dass wir nicht lokalisiert sind. Wie kann ich das ändern? Danke für einen Tipp,


  7. I can not put my location on my profile circlecount.

    Eu não consigo colocar a minha localização no perfil do Circlecount.

  8. Aqui falta muitas páginas do Brasil! Vou ajudar mostrando algumas

    Mais páginas brasileiras para colocar no rank

    Atualize logo, o certo era haver todas as páginas do Brasil aqui!

  9. Hi There I am trying to get my page listed in the South African Pages category of circle count… It shows my location as South Africa but the page does not show up in the top list for pages in South Africa… Please assist me with this – it shows my location on my circle count profile page as South Africa but it is not showing in the top 100 South African pages…


    • Thanks for the hint Gerald.
      The country for your page was set to “Other”, looks like there was a problem while we checked the country the first time and we didn’t get a country. I’ve reset the country and let the script run again and now it looks good. On the profile page the map is shown correctly and in the next hour also the ranking should be corrected.

    • Since we got a lot of complaints here, we have changed the way we update the countries right now. The script is running and your page should get its country back in the next hours. Please give us a note if you still can’t see a country tomorrow to be sure, that we won’t miss that. But we’ll check it also by ourselves tomorrow.

  10. How to get a circle count ranking in Canada, not the United States. My location is Sombra, Ontario right on the international boundary. And circle count is showing as United States not Canada

    • Thanks for your message Jeffrey.

      Could you please tell us your profile, so that we can check this deeper? You can also just send us a limited post on Google+ if you don’t want to put the link to your profile here.

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